let's get to know UP10TION!

General Info

UP10TION (업텐션) stands for
Unbelievable Perfect 10 (Members) Teenager Idols Open Now
they debuted on 10 Sep 2015 with So, Dangerous
they're under TOPmedia
their labelmates are TEEN TOP and 100%
their fandom name is HONEY10
and use yellow as fandom color, it's not official yet though!
were introduced through an own version of masked singer,
had a predebut show called Rising! UP10TION

Social Media

Twitter @UP10TION
Instagram @u10t_official


Kim Jinwook
August 2 1995 - Leo
173cm (5'8")
Leader, Lead Vocalist

He was the third one to join UP10TION!
Oldest and Tiniest member
Hes known for his.. VERY full lips
his nicknames are lips fairy and he calls himself wookie/woogi hehe
has the most beautiful smile like BRO hes so pretty
his favorite song is see you again by wiz khalifa
he has rly cute ears... MUAH

No Sooil
November 11 1995 - Scorpio
183cm (6'0")
Co-Leader, Rapper, Vocalist

He was the sixth one to join UP10TION!
classic proud dad
he has. so many talents. rapping, singing, acting, beatboxing, voice impressions, kim woobin face impression AND SO MUCH MORE WE PROLLY DONT EVEN KNOW ABT...
hes close to victons chan We love bffies!
his nicknames are stormy kuhn, blunt kuhn n mr. ttukttak
once was drunk as fuck and forgot his shoes at a japanese meat restaurant and cried... it all was live documented on fancafe

Go Minsoo
May 19 1996 - Taurus
183cm (6'0")
Lead Vocalist

He was the fifth one to join UP10TION!
one of the most underrated members (+ changhyun) TBH...
he has the cutest dimples :*
all in all hes BOYFRIEND
his nicknames are church oppa, gyeollie n beomdeukie! (his grandpa wanted to name him that JFNKD)
invented.... freestyle rapping
you have to love him or else youre not valid!
wooseok is his bffie hehe

Lee Jinhyuk
June 8 1996 - Gemini
185cm (6'1")
High Rapper

He was the ninth one to join UP10TION!
this boy prolly ate a clown or something.... hes always making jokes but thats so valid
big nerd! he rly loves overwatch, disney n ghibli
yea he really loves elsa from frozen for whatever reason
tallest member! literally the only thing u10t does is calling him tall
hes learning english :D hes rly good at it already!!! what a smart dude
gyujin is his bffie :*

Lee Changhyun
August 24 1996 - Virgo
180cm (5'11")
Low Rapper, Main Dancer

He was the fourth one to join UP10TION!
THE CCCCCUTEST BOY EVER!!! dont let his deep voice fool you he is ADORABLE
rly underrated sadly </3
he can play piano mozart is shaking
he can also compose songs MOZART RLY IS SHAKING
he passed FNC audition before he joined TOPmedia!
luvs food + is good at cooking :P
his nicknames r sticky rice cake n mochi

Kim Wooseok
October 27 1996 - Scorpio
175cm (5'9")
Lead Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group

He was the first one to join UP10TION!
he can sometimes look. intimidating but then i remember how cute he is n how he always goes :* GGGOD I LOVE HIM
i love his eyes so much theyre so. ADORABLE
his nickname is desert fox HE RLY LOOKS LIKE ONE
still can be the baddest prettiest bitch ever sometimes though...
claimed hwanhee n dongyeol as His! valid
also minsoo is his bffie <3

he took a break due to mental stress for a year n came back in march 2018 i missed him so much :(

Seon Yein
November 6 1996 - Scorpio
175cm (5'9")
Main Vocalist

He was the seventh one to join UP10TION!
HES!!!! A BUNNY :( we love his bunny teef
also has a rly high voice.. everyone thot he was a girl when he was on masked singer
he can hit RRRRLY high notes bc of that though! hes so talented
seriously so.... cute hes that kind of person u want to bake cookies for
rly loves wooseok n gyujin MFDJFJ
hes lefthanded. yea

Han Gyujin
November 21 1997 - Scorpio
181cm (5'11")
Lead Vocalist

He was the eighth one to join UP10TION!
kind boy. the KINDEST boy your mom would love him too
he can be the sweetest n nicest boy ever but he can also get MAD mad! (doesnt happen that often tho JFDF)
SSSO CREATIVE N PURE he loves diys (he made slime n other stuff with hwanhee and dongyeol :D) and posts in fancafe every day <3
he likes day6!!!! taste
his english is. so good i rly have no idea when he became THIS good WTFFF
loves dogs :* especially his dog mongi
his nicknames are shinchan and gyucipal
his bffies are sungjoon n hwanhee teehee

Lee Hwanhee
May 6 1998 - Taurus
175cm (5'9")
Main Vocalist

He was the second one to join UP10TION!
HES SO LOUD N ANNOYING GGGOD but also so cute...
he reminds me of a french bulldog :*
constantly. jumping and shouting
he has a really loud n husky voice. also really loud
he gets scared easily, whines a lot n hates vegetables... hes not 20 hes 2
his nicknames r hwan nd angry hwanhee VALID!
also he has small hands HWAN IS BABY...
his bffies are DONGYEOL!!!!! and gyujin

Lee Dongyeol
December 13 1998 - Taurus
177cm (5'10")
Lead Vocalist, Maknae

He was the tenth one to join UP10TION!
annoying Baby
HIS LAUGH IS SO WEIRD but also adorable... he laughs like this HUEE HEE HUUEEHEHE
he loves puppies <33
also loves ice cream SO much
his nickname is... fat tongue he does have a fat tongue
he likes SHINee's taemin! the only shawol EVER
once called jinwook his dad and GOD he was so confused
hes messing around with changhyun, gyujin n sooil a lot
all in all, u10t would either DIE for him or try to KILL him.

2015 :

Top Secret (一級秘密 (일급비밀))
6 Tracks, Title Song: So, Dangerous

6 Tracks, Title Song: Catch Me!

2016 :

7 Tracks, Title Song: Attention

Summer Go!
6 Tracks, Title Song: Tonight

6 Tracks, Title Song: White Night

2017 :

ID (Japan Debut)
4 Tracks, Title Song: ID

6 Tracks, Title Song: Runner

2017 Special Photo Edition
3 Tracks, Title Song: Going Crazy

2018 :

Wild Love (JP)
4 Tracks, Title Song: Wild Love

Invitation (First Full Album)
11 Tracks, Title Song: Candyland

Chaser (JP)
4 Tracks, Title Song: Chaser

2018 Special Photo Edition
4 Tracks, Title Song: So Beautiful

7 Tracks. Title Song: Blue Rose


King of Masked Rookie UP10TION (2015)
the members were introduced through this show!

Rising! UP10TION (2015)
predebut u10t learning chinese and preparing for their debut


them doing fun stuff they wrote on their wishlists

a show made for intl honey10's! they were learning english through this RLY entertaining show.. i keep rewatching it MJJFD


short videos (around 5 mins) abt what u10t are currently up to!

short clips (like the title says) of them being. rly weird like seriously i think there was a video of drunk sooil running around and singing???